Are they still married at first sight

Are theyJaclyn and Ryan (Season 2) When Jaclyn first met Ryan, she confessed to cameras that she was “not attracted to him at all.” Surprisingly, the couple grew close and decided to stay married at the end of the show. However, during the reunion, Jaclyn revealed that Ryan told her after the cameras stopped rolling that he had “no feelings for her” and they later divorced. Today, Jaclyn lives in New Jersey where she’s a sales rep for Titos Vodka. She’s still single but says that although she didn’t gain a husband she gained “two best friends” from the show, fellow MAFS co-stars Jessica and Davina. As for Ryan, he still se


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Gavin Marries all around Cleveland

Minister Gavin White Believes in marriage.


Gavin Loves being happily married and love’s spreading marriage all over as he also loves spreading the gospel.My happiness comes from God there is a joy in knowing that you’re in line with his plan for you.

My parents set a wonderful example for me as a child I say my parents committed to the institution of marriage.I never heard either of them ever say anything about ever leaving unless to the store or the mall.Marriage is right by God I’m happy when he is happy with me.He has blessed me ¬†with a wonderful spouse.We were married almost 12 years ago in my play sisters back yard.Were still in Love.

Being a minister it was easy to call a minister friend and a few close friends for a quick backyard wedding.To may people in today’s society more value is placed on the wedding than the marriage.I myself fell prey to that,it ended in a painful divorce.

I want to help people with the marriage and stick around to possibly counsel them when they need it.The Road may not always be easy.I love to hear the success stories like mom and dad 55 years and still married.

Come on people “Lets get Married”